About the Foundation

The CM & JA Whitehouse Foundation was established by the Late CM & JA Whitehouse to provide assistance to Charitable Organisations.

The Whitehouse Foundation Trustees review funding applications on a periodic basis and make distributions to various charities,  endeavouring to provide funds directly to where the funds are most needed – at grassroots levels or for specific projects.  The Foundation aims to provide assistance for operational expenditure on:

  • Services where funding is not generally available to organisations from either Government or other areas; and
  • Un-met needs in the areas that a particular charitable organisation is endeavouring to serve the community.

As a basic qualification, any charity would need to be both

  • exempt from Income Tax and
  • registered as a Charity with the ACNC.

For more information on your organisation qualifying as a charity: http://www.acnc.gov.au/